vendredi 11 décembre 2015


The mountains range is "le massif des Ecrins" in the french Alps.
These peaks approaching 4000m are, from left to right, Aile Froide, Coup de Sabre, Pic Sans Nom, Pelvoux.
This woodprint is an adaptation of this sketch done during a hike to "la tête des raisins", Vallée de Dormillouse (Hautes-Alpes), with fellow mountain sketchers.
Mountain rock walls carved on wood plate look like a bas-relief
 The ground color, printed as the first block, is made of natural Raw and Burnt Sienna pigments.
 The little opacity of pigments suits well to the ground
The blue sky, shaded snow and background slopes are added as a second block of watercolor.
 The third and last block is a mix of indian ink and watercolor.

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