vendredi 23 juin 2023

Selamat Datang Indonesia, Java

On June 8th I landed in Jakarta for a five weeks trip to Indonesia.
After a short stay in the busy and noisy capital I travelled to Jogjakarta in Central Java. The city is very famous for the craftwork and two outstanding hindu and budhist temples from the VIIIth century.
Prambanan Hindu temple
Jogjakarta Wayang puppet maker

Borobudur budhist temple

Low-relief sculptures on ten levels

On top of Borobudur budhist temple
Then I spent few days in Dieng Plateau, in Central Java, an ancient volcanic area entirely covered by potato terraces.

Inside a Angkot microbus
Candi Arjuna in Dieng
Dieng plateau potato fields

Meeting Jogja Sketchers

In East Java I climbed up two famous volcanos Bromo and Kawah Ijen

Bromo Tengger Semeru park

Kawah Ijen sulfur miners
Kawah Ijen Sketching on top of the Volcano