vendredi 7 juillet 2023

Selamat Datang Indonesia, Sulawesi

Sulawesi, formerly known as Celebes, is an island with sprawling arms, of which I only explored a tiny part in the ten days of travel I had left. Makassar is not only a large city, but also the name of an ethnic group renowned throughout island Asia for its boat-building.

Paotere harbour Makassar
99 domes mosque Makassar
Fort Rotterdam Makassar

I wanted to visit the Toraja country, famous for the boat-shaped houses and the unusual death cult.
After a 10 hours coach trip I get to Rantepao in the Toraja country

The Singki home Family, a guesthouse in the rice fields
Tongkonan typical houses

I spent a whole day chasing the tongkonan houses of Rantepao
These women came to see the sketches after transplanting the rice
Tao tao in Tampang Allo cave

Funeral procession

Funeral day in a village

Water buffalo sacrifice

Village in the rice fields

Street market in Rantepao