vendredi 5 août 2016


The Sinclair's Oyster Bar was the headquarter of the french and belgium sketchers

Urban Sketchers 2016 symposium was hosted by the city Manchester.
The Fred Aldous art supplies store in the Northern Quarter
A whole week discovering the post-industrial city of North-West England so famous for its football clubs.
Under the arches of Oxford Road railway
Even if the symposium last only three days, most of the sketchers have start sketching since the previous week-end. I had the pleasure to live in the Northern Quarter that is supposed to be the artists' area.
At the corner of All Saints Park
But one week is not enough to depict all the facets of this amazing city.
Drink and Draw
Nearly 500 people have attended to the workshops, activities, lectures and demos.
On Portland Street
And I had the honnor to feature among the faculty as a demo presenter to show my special and exclusive use of Neocolor II watersoluble crayons.
Post symposium sketch from the emergency stairs of the hostel
This was an intense time of sharing and meeting, sketching, walking, visiting, talking, drinking…
Manchester Airport Bus Station
I'm looking forward to live it again, in Chicago next year ?…
All my Manchester sketches on my Flickr Stream

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