mercredi 31 juillet 2019

USk Amsterdam 2019

 The annual world meeting of sketchers is getting bigger and bigger every year. This 10th symposium 2019 took place in Amsterdam. It was my first time in this famous city and I must admit that I was a little disapointed by the city centre, the red light streets and coffee shops, the crowd and the poor quality of the food. But when We got a little familiar with the place my opinion changed significantly
Obiously, this year's symposium was the "no time" symposium.
No time to bump into all the sketchers I know. And almost no way to have the opportunity to sketch with them. Anyway I had the chance to see many.
No time to make many sketches. I was travelling with my two kids who have not the same need to engrave their visual impressions on paper.
No time to visit many quarters of this amazing city. It was my first time there and the extreme heat of the first two days hit me hard on the head. I then had a migraine for 2 days and no energy to move too much.
Not enough time at all but still enough to have great moments, to chat, to sketch, to make new friends, to roam around and visit, to discover and enjoy Amsterdam.
Next symposium 2020 will be in Hong Kong, will I go ?
I'd love though.

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