vendredi 25 juillet 2014

Refuge du Rulhe - Etang de Fontargenta

A full day of hike and sketch in the Pyrenees. 4 hours walking, 600m of ascent, 13 spread sketches entirely done on location. A hike to the Refuge du Rulhe (2185m) and the étang de Fontargenta.

Start at 9:15 from the Pla de las Peyres, a parking lot in the alpine at 1696m high.

The Cabane de Garsan, a shepherd's hut, gives an ideal viewpoint 
to the Rulhe peak dominating the eponymous refuge.

A look to the west shows a caracteristical U-shaped glacial valley, the Coume de Varilhes.

From the Rulhe hut, one can see the Joclar pond, and far away, the typical shape of the Escobes cylinder, delimitating the border between France and Andorra.

This very comfortable hut remains as the perfect starting point for many hikes. The panorama from the terrace is outstanding.

The Fontargenta pond is barely visible behind the surrounding summits. I especially try to restitute the different intensity of light between the foreground rock and the background peaks.

The torrents flowing down the mountain get together in the plain. The tortuous streams seem to be the frayed strands of a rope.

The access to the Fontargenta pond is from below, at the outfall. Then the first look is at the level of the surface, accentuating the impression of vastness and serenity of the place.

A gentle way down brings back to the parking. This itinerary is both a really easy hike and an gorgeous balcony on various mountain landscapes.

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