jeudi 15 novembre 2018

Étang d'Araing

Chapelle de l'Isard 1322m

"The mountains are calling and I must go" said John Muir and everybody who got this virus knows this feeling.
Pic de Crabère 2629m
The past week-end I planned to go into the mountains in order to make as many sketches as possible, as usual. But, I also wanted to make bigger pictures.
Refuge de l'Étang d'Araing 1965m
I always use Seawhite of Brighton A4 landscape sketchbooks because they fit perfectly to the Neocolor II crayons and to the mountain panoramas. But they are too small. I tried to bring a A3 book but it's way too heavy in my backpack for a stiff slope.
Étang d'Araing 1910m
I choosed an area where I had not been frequently and that wasn't too far. And I also choosed this place for the surrounding mountains that are not so high, but well cut like a saw blade.
Mail de Luzes 2590m
The first day, I started to walk at only 1:00 PM. I had not so much time to draw. Only three sketches in my book. I climbed up to a lake where there is a comfortable hut, even with no heating.
Étang d'Araing & Pic de Crabère from the pass 2230m
The second day, I walked higher, up to a pass with a fantastic view of the peaks. The weather was quite sunny and enjoyable despite the wind. I started my work much earlier at 7:30 AM. Then I tried the large sheets and painted the six. Paradoxically, the sketches done on the large sheets have less details and were quickly executed.
Mont Valier 2838m in the distance
I think I will take a bigger size next time and bigger brushes. I can't wait trying big big formats. The sketches are in this Flickr Album

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