dimanche 2 août 2020

Saint Antonin Noble-Val

the romanesque style house

 Saint Antonin Noble-Val is a remarkable medieval village with a very pleasant atmosphere located 1h north to Toulouse in the Aveyron river gorges. Nicole Scotto, a fellow sketcher and friend suggest me to organise there a Urban Sketchers meetup during the summer.

Half-timbered houses in the backstreets

Despite the global sanitary situation and lockdown, we were able to maintain the event. This USk meetup was following many cancellation, so that we attracted distant talented sketchers like Joaquin from Madrid or Jean-Paul from Paris (78).

Late gothic doorways

 On Saturday August first, from 9am, 80 sketchers were welcomed by the local volunteers and received a cup of coffee with croissants, and the usual memorial badge. Every body was so impatient to start that we spread all over the city in minutes.

The washhouse in the tanner's quarter

 We had planned two intermediate meetings during the day to allow participants to meet up with each other. This small city is so full of richly ornamented old houses, so many small winding streets leading to secret squares, that we couldn't run out of inspiration.

This house displays windows from all ages

At the end of the day, everybody converged on the town hall where tables were set up to collect the drawings of the day. We shared a drink offered by the cultural association hosting our meeting and took a group photographe.

A view on the rooftops and the belltower

That was a bit sad to leave all these happy people after only one day. Let's hope that we will able to gather some more people next time and stay longer.

Sunday morning farmers market

Thank you to Nicole, Thierry and Régine for inviting me to co-organize this event in behalf of Urban Sketchers Toulouse.

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