mardi 26 octobre 2021

USk Week Intragna

For the second year in a row, Mario Leimbacher urban sketcher and art teacher from Bern, organized a USk week in Switzerland.

Sketchers were invited in Intragna in Centovalli (Ticino) to attend to five whole days of sketching, both workshops and sketchwalks.


Mario invited me to join him to lead a workshop with Liz Watkins (London) and my friend Johanna Krimmel (Darmstadt).


Mario has renovated a house of the village in which he set up a gallery on the ground floor where we could shelter from the cold and the rain.  


The participants were very charming and studious people. I enjoyed a lot these moments, sketching together, walking in the mountains and along the rivers, picking up chestnuts and mushrooms in this beautiful valley.

 We also had a sketchcrawl afternoon in Locarno, at the Major Lake, with the local USk chapter.

I can't wait coming back to Intragna.


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  1. Great and awesome. Best architects in Lahore are the great ones and following the same architecture

  2. This is fantastic I'm really impressed with it and architects in Lahore are just copying these designs as well

  3. This Great and nice Art as this is something we need to look at and explore further about it with more inventions